Stolen Moments. Stolen Chances.


Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

I still want to believe that there are good people in this world we live in. Or at least, try to believe it.

But sometimes, it’s hard to keep that idea. It’s just easier to assume that people are bad. This way, we won’t be disappointed.

It’s been a while since I wanted to write about that subject matter. I just didn’t have the time. And now that I have, coincidental, a unfortunate event occurred in Paris.

Because I already knew that on this planet not all people are good, I am not surprise. I am not shock. Something was going to happen. Things were already happening. It’s sad to say, but I lost hope in all of humanity.

What happen in France is  just another evidence that our world is doomed.

I get why this one got more attention. Even Facebook has joined in the movement to support France. Industrialized countries are more important to the world, people have more to loose, everything is emotional.

In Quebec, we can relate. C’est nos cousins français. For Canada, it’s a team player of the international community. To many, it’s their families and friends that could have lost their lives that day.

I understand that.

I don’t understand why other crisis are not getting the same attention.

There is something  selfish and not genuine about that.

Anyway, once in a while, someone does do something worth giving another chance to hope.

Sometimes, hope still sneaks up.

When it does, it’s because of youths. Unfortunately not adults.

Megan is 15 years old. She’s living in a youth center.I am her swimming coach. She has a hard life but still, she has the biggest heart. I am glad to be able to witness her journey.

She gives me hope. Some people are good.



One thought on “Stolen Moments. Stolen Chances.

  1. Everyone is hero in his/her life, everyone is struggling in their life to be a better person. And all these people are real inspiration, these people are the sign of strength.
    Every person is not bad some people are good #Megan is a sign of strength and #writer you are the one who constitute the bunch of good people, because you are the one to witness and share about Megan .
    Respect #writer and #megan


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