Brighton beach. Or throwback to Muizenberg.

Je sors mon anglais. 

I dedicate this post to all the people I meet while I was in Cape Town, South Africa. But most of all my family in Muizenberg. 

In the winter of 2013-2014, I landed in the beautiful country of South Africa. 3 weeks. The best 3 weeks of my life. Maybe I was lucky. I had the best host parents( lots of love to Ayesha and her family), the best roommate (shout out to Katharina 🙂 ) and the funniest and nicest guys ( Toby and Koen) to live with! 

That trip was the main reason for my decision to travel alone down under. 

The plan was 4 months in autralia to work. But that didn’t work out. And I think, maybe I was also happy it didnt work out. Deep down, I probably just wanted to travel. 

Who knows? Maybe if I had gotten a job that I liked. I would be happily working in autralia for 4 months. We will never know. Sometimes I wonder. But I am happy to be traveling even if it’s only for 6 weeks. The best 6 weeks. 

I am writing this post sitting next to something quite familiar to Muizenberg. (And I could probably sit here for hours!)

I had to come here. Brighton beach. I am suprise that I didn’t know about it. 

Funny story, I almost didn’t come. Just before I hop on the train, I realized I had lost my Myki card…I didn’t want to buy another one just for one day, but I really wanted to go, so i did anyway.

 At first, I tought maybe it wasn’t worth it.  That’s why destiny made me loose my Myki. But it’s a good thing that I don’t really believe in that! I came to brighton beach to see the Bathing boxes and I had a little nostalgic moment. 

It’s because of Muizenberg and it’s little colourful houses that I am here today in Australia. That adventure and experience was bigger than  I could have ever imagined.

So, thank you Muizenberg! Thank you Ayesha, shamien, Reeza, Saarah, katharina, Toby, koen, Jean, Saskia, Camille, Laura and all the South African kids that came to the surfing project it’s because if you that I am travelling Australia. Hope to see you guys soon, in South Africa or Europ or even in Montreal!  🙂


Brighton beach bathing boxes☀️


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